Staff Bios

24264_1323063090372_4994007_nNick Vuko Sr.

Start Date: Apr 1973

Nick Vuko started working at Walker TIre in april of 1973.  Nick knows that the Walker Tire company has a family environment with its employees and customers and greatly values that about Walker Tire.  Nick Vuko has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business from Wyoming University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado University.  
In his free time, Nick likes to restore classic cars that he never got to have when he was a child.  Nick Vuko believes that the reason Walker Tire is separate from other tire stores is because of one work – knowledge.

Nick JrNick Vuko Jr.
Vice President
Start Date: June 2002

Nick worked on and off for Walker Tire from 1995-2002. Fresh out of college, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Valparaiso University, he joined Walker Tire permanently back in 2002. Nick’s degree, and previously experience in the automotive industry, has given him the knowledge to explain to customers how to take care of their car. By always putting the customer first, Nick has built a solid reputation in providing the best possible service.
Nick has passed the Dale Carnegie course as well as receiving certifications from Nokian, Toyo, Hercules, and Castrol. He also is AOCA certified as a technician and manager. He enjoys playing sports in his free time.

photoNicole Vuko
Start Date: Sept 2009

I started working when I was in high school, mounting and dismounting tires at our Cotner location. I came back to the company when the Quick Lube opened in 03-06, and have returned to work in sales from 09 to present. I like working with people and seeing friendly face, making sure everyone is being taken care of! I am AOCA certified.  I am a mother of a fun 5 year old and I enjoy working out. Building trust is first and foremost.  What’s important to us – we let you know what’s going on with your vehicle and let you decide!

AlwebAl Rubesh
Walker Tire Wahoo Manager
Start Date: June 1979

Al started his career at the North Cotner store in the summer of 1979, then went to Wahoo in 1981 and has led the team there ever since. Raised on a dairy farm around St. Paul, NE., Al learned what hard work and honesty were at a very early age. Those traits have helped him service the Wahoo community for the past 26 years. Al has numerous endorsements as well as certifications from Nokian, Toyo, Bridgestone and Michelin that helps provide the community with superior knowledge to take care of their automobile.

MarkwebMark McGinnis
Walker Tire Downtown Manager
Start Date: Mar 1988

Mark joined the team here at Walker Tire in 1988 and now has nearly 30 years experience in the automotive industry. His knowledge and experience has helped service the downtown community for the past 19 years. In those years, Mark has earned several certifications from Nokian, Toyo, Hercules, and Michelin. These accolades, along with Mark’s willingness to help customers receive the fairest price, have given consumers the trust to toss the keys and say, “Fix it!”

Mark Truck CenterwebMarc Colborn
Walker Tire, Retread Manager
Start Date: Nov 2000

Walker Tire welcomed Marc Colborn in 2000. After 20 years being a Staff Sergeant for the Marines, he brought an embodied sense of leadership to the retread department. In addition, his skills have enhanced an already increasing degree of production and product quality. Marc will also add to the 75 years of experience, between Fay Kapke and Rob Barlow, which makes it one of the most experienced in the country.

Vuko_0819Jeanne Vuko
Pioneer Manager

Start Date: Sept 2011

Jeanne Vuko started working at Walker Tire when she was 15 years old.  She left for 3 years to be in the Marine Corps, came back and forth for a while until finally being back full time in September of 2011.  Jeanne enjoys interacting with people – employees and customers.  Jeanne has learned a lot about profiling, helping and meeting customer needs through her Arbonne business and selling there.  In her free tiem Jeanne likes to spend time cooking and being in the sun.  Spending time with family, dancing, shooting and volleyball are also pasttimes she enjoys as well as spending time with her animals.  As a part of the Walker Tire team, Jeanne thinks that Walker Tire is separate from other tire stores because it is a family owned and operated atmosphere where relationships with customers is highly valued in and out of the stores.  Treating each person as an individual with individual needs is high on the priority list of Jeanne Vuko as well as the Walker Tire team.

photo (1)Alex Kouma
Quick Nick’s Downtown Manager

Start Date: Sept 2009

Alex Kouma started working at Walker Tire in September of 2009.  Alex greatly enjoys working with her fellow co-workers and being able to care for people’s vehicles and keep them safe on the road – a priority high on Walker Tire’s list as well.  Alex has a AOCA Certification as a lube technician and manager.  In her spare time, Alex likes to work on car stereos and mechanics, participate in water sports and go camping.  Alex Kouma believes that the reason Walker Tire is separate and distinct from other tire stores is because of Walker Tire’s attention to detail.

RobRob Barlow
Commercial Truck Service Manager

Start Date: Sept 1970

Rob Barlow has been a part of the Walker Tire team for quite a while and was hired to the team in September of 1970.  Rob enjoys working for Walker Tire because of the family orientation and the team-oriented atmosphere.  Rob is certified as a National Archery Instructor and a Bowhunting Education Instructor.  During his free time, Rob likes to hunt, work on his shooting, fish and go camping.  To Rob, Walker Tire is unique because of their desire to do the job well and the concern that Walker Tire has for the customer.