Staff Bios

Nick V Vuko
Start Date: Apr 1973

Nick Vuko started working at Walker Tire / Quick Nick's in April of 1973 after being snowed in while traveling through Nebraska. Nick knows Walker Tire / Quick Nick's has a family environment with its employees and customers and greatly values that about his company. Nick Vuko has a Bachelor's of Science in Business from Wyoming University and a Bachelor's of Science in Civil Engineering from Colorado University. In his free time, Nick likes to restore classic cars that he never got to have when he was a child. Nick Vuko believes that the reason Walker Tire / Quick Nick's is separate from other tire stores is because of one word - knowledge.

Nick M Vuko
Vice President
Start Date: June 2002

Nick worked on and off for Walker Tire / Quick Nick's from 1995-2002. Fresh out of college, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Valparaiso University, he joined Walker Tire / Quick Nick's permanently back in 2002. Nick’s degree, and previous experience in the automotive industry, has given him the knowledge to explain to customers how to take care of their car. By always putting the customer first, Nick has built a solid reputation in providing the best possible service. Nick has passed the Dale Carnegie course as well as receiving certifications from Nokian, Toyo, Hercules, and Castrol. He also is AOCA certified as a technician and manager. He enjoys playing sports in his free time.

Nicole Vuko
Downtown Assistant Manager
Start Date: Sept 2009

Nicole started working when she was in high school, mounting and dismounting tires. She came back to the company when Quick Nick’s opened in February 2003. After brief employment in the medical industry, Nicole came back to the company in 2009. She likes working with people and seeing friendly faces, making sure everyone is being taken care of! She is AOCA certified and has two kids and enjoys working out. Building trust is first and foremost to Nicole and what’s important to her is we let you know what’s going on with your vehicle and let you decide!

Al Rubesh
Wahoo Manager
Start Date: June 1979

Al started his career at the North Cotner store in the summer of 1979, then went to Wahoo in 1981 and has led the team there ever since. Raised on a dairy farm around St. Paul, NE., Al learned what hard work and honesty were at a very early age. Those traits have helped him service the Wahoo community for the past 26 years. Al has numerous endorsements as well as certifications from Nokian, Toyo, Bridgestone and Michelin that helps provide the community with superior knowledge to take care of their automobile.

Mark Colborn
Retread Manager
Start Date: Nov 2000

Walker Tire / Quick Nick's welcomed Mark Colborn in 2000. After 20 years being a Staff Sergeant for the Marines, he brought an embodied sense of leadership to the retread department. In addition, his skills have enhanced an already increasing degree of production and product quality. Marc will also add to the 75 years of experience, between Fay Kapke and Rob Barlow, which makes it one of the most experienced in the country.

Jeanne Vuko
Pioneer Manager
Start Date: Sept 2011

Jeanne Vuko started working at Walker Tire / Quick Nick's when she was 15 years old. She left for 3 years to be in the Marine Corps, came back and forth for a while until finally being back full time in September of 2011. Jeanne enjoys interacting with people – employees and customers. Jeanne has learned a lot about profiling, helping and meeting customer needs through her Arbonne business and selling there. In her free time Jeanne likes to spend time cooking and being in the sun. Spending time with family, dancing, shooting and volleyball are also past times she enjoys as well as spending time with her animals. As a part of the Walker Tire team, Jeanne thinks that Walker Tire is separate from other tire stores because it is a family owned and operated atmosphere where relationships with customers is highly valued in and out of the stores. Treating each person as an individual with individual needs is high on the priority list of Jeanne Vuko as well as the Walker Tire team.

Alex Kouma
Downtown Manager
Start Date: Sept 2009

Alex Kouma started working at Walker Tire / Quick Nick's in September of 2009. Alex greatly enjoys working with his fellow co-workers and being able to care for people’s vehicles and keep them safe on the road – a priority high on Walker Tire / Quick Nick's list as well. Alex has a AOCA Certification as a lube technician and manager. In his spare time, Alex likes to work on car stereos and mechanics, participate in water sports and go camping. Alex Kouma believes that the reason Walker Tire / Quick Nick's is separate and distinct from other tire stores is because of their attention to detail.

Rob Barlow
Commercial Truck Service Manager
Start Date: Sept 1970

Rob Barlow has been a part of the Walker Tire / Quick Nick's team for quite a while and was hired to the team in September of 1970. Rob enjoys working for Walker Tire / Quick Nick's because of the family orientation and the team-oriented atmosphere. Rob is certified as a National Archery Instructor and a Bowhunting Education Instructor. During his free time, Rob likes to hunt, work on his shooting, fish and go camping. To Rob, Walker Tire / Quick Nick's is unique because of their desire to do the job well and the concern that Walker Tire / Quick Nick's has for the customer.

Fay Kapke

Fay Kapke was born in Lincoln, NE on October 4, 1940. He went to Lincoln High school where he received a gold medal in gymnastics and graduated in 1958. He came to work for Walker Tire / Quick Nick's in 1959 and has been here ever since. He’s worked an incredible 57 years for the company and is the 2nd oldest tire technician in the world according to an article from 2010. He states the reasons that he likes coming to work is the daily challenge and the people he works with. He enjoys playing horseshoes, bowling, hunting, fishing and gardening.


I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the helpfulness of your guys at Quick Nick’s. ON Tuesday I found out that I had a flat tire and by the time I got the doughnut on, it was 6:00 and I realized that it was really low on air. I had no choice but to “limp” it over to the nearest place which happened to be Quick Nick’s. When I arrived it was closed but the guys were still cleaning up, and were happy to put some air in my doughnut and to take my flat tire for me to pick up the next day. The next day when I returned, my tire wasn’t done, but they were prompt to find it, and let me know that it could not be fixed. They then showed me a used tire and offered to install it yet that evening. Since I needed an oil change, I told them I would be back the next day to have the tire put on during the oil change. The next day when my car was ready I got a call about all of the things they did as well as letting me know that I needed another tire. To make a long story short, my car is running/driving great, was vacuumed! and I am so VERY VERY pleased with how friendly and helpful everyone was at Quick Nick’s. Please pass on my gratefulness to the guys that work there. I definitely plan on making you guys my main oil change location from now on! Erik Miller I want to thank you again for the terrific service. you guys rock. Not only did you exceed my expectations, but you did it with grace. Keep up the good work. I look forward to using your services more in the future. Boyd Ober Hi Mark, the Hakka’s are not any fun on my suburban! During the last five winters I enjoyed sliding my suburban around corners, kind of like dirt track racing. That fun is over. These things bit into the snow and ice so much that I have a hard time getting the tires to spin at all. I have a steep driveway so I thought I would really test them out last night (during the ice storm). Normally I would have had to put the suburban in 4 wheel drive to get up the driveway (even when the tires were relatively new) but with the Hakka’s, it cruised up without a spin. So I thought, how about if I stop midway up the drive...still not a problem. If I knew they were that amazing I would have bought them years ago even though I still had plenty of tread on the tires. Are they expensive? Sure, I could have saved $300-$400 and bought different tires but what is that kind of money when you are talking about that much more safety for the family road trip vehicle! I have never felt that much stability on snow in an SUV before and now will never run anything else on one. We are heading to Colorado next week and needless to say are not concerned about weather at all with these tries under us. I’ve never felt safer on snow and ice! Thanks for the tire recommendation! Bill Kieger Hey Mark, just wanted to thank you and the crew for taking such good care of our family and our vehicles! I’m very thankful you found the cracked rim since we are headed out on a 2500 mile round trip later this week. Special thanks to Jay for caring about our safety and to Bob for picking me up and delivering me. We should be featured in an ad for Nokian tires since between us we have 9 pairs of Nokian tires! And we have been relying on Nokian tires from Walker Tire for at least 8+ years. You and the folks at Walker Tire are the reason the whole Talley family keeps coming back. Please thank everyone for us/me. Betty Talley It was a year ago that you first told me about Nokian tires and how they outperformed all the other tires. Well, as you know, I was due for a new set of tires this year, and, when I heard that snow was about to fall, I decided to give you a call. My 3 series BMW is rear wheel drive and although I’ve been able to get around in winter, I’ve always approached 2′′ or more of snow with my share of trepidation. Traction control only does so much and much as I’d like ti to, it doesn’t allow me to defy the laws of physics. Ice and snow still make me slip and slide. My tires were of little help and they were noisy too. I wanted to give Nokian tires a try. You said that they offered outstanding performance in winter conditions, you said they would allow me to drive in a blizzard, you said they were quiet, and you said they did this because of their unique construction. Well, people can say a lot of things about you, Nick, but one of them is, “Nick Vuko knows tires.” As predicted, we got about 6′′ of snow on December 9th. A lot of it came down between noon and 6:00 pm and I was in middle of it three times a day. I have to tell you...I had ZERO PROBLEMS getting around in my rear wheel drive car. I cruised through 3-4′′ of snow on the ground like it was nothing. From a dead stop on uphill traffic lights, I easily, and I mean easily, pulled away from everyone including FWD SUV’s. The handling and gripping are superb and my car has never driven so quietly or smoothly. It truly is amazing. These Nokian tires are fantastic and I’m going to get another set for my second car. Thank you for recommending Nokian tires and please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial. Dick Longoria I am writing this letter to commend Walker Tire and Quick Nick’s on a job well done. I recently had my vehicle in for service where my transmission was flushed. It so happened that the transmission was old enough that the flush actually made the vehicle inoper- able. I was given a vehicle to drive while solutions to fix my problem were explored. After some discussion it was decided that Quick Nick’s and Walker Tire would pay to replace the transmission on my vehicle. It should be noted that I drive a 1992 Ford Taurus with approximately 85,000 miles, NOT a prime ride, but my only form of transportation! Despite a large expense for Quick Nick’s, they made the hard decision and absorbed the cost of the new transmission. It would have been very easy for them to walk away from the problem or decide on a cheaper less honorable solution. It is increasingly hard to find people who place the customer and their satisfaction above the bottom line. I am very pleased with the outcome of this incident and want to praise Nick and his staff on their integrity and customer service. They have my trust, and thanks! Rick Roh My wife and I have been looking for an auto mechanic ever since Ed Wright sold Lincoln Auto. Even though I’ve used Walker Tire for years, and keep meaning to stop in and visit with Nick, only recently did we consider you for our mechanical service. Best decision we could’ve made! Mark is excellent, the prices are fair and the work is superb. My dad would approve. Mike Coatney I have been a customer of Quick Nick’s and Walker Tire for about six years. Over the years they have developed a relationship with me and my family built on trust that words cannot express properly. When I first met Nick Vuko, I was totally impressed with the level of service he started providing me, first, with my company vehicle. I was so impressed with the first initial visit that I came home and spoke to wife and daughters over dinner that evening and discussed where we were going to have our vehicles serviced from now on. My family consists of my wife and three daughters and at that time two of my kids were just starting to drive. I travel quite a bit with my job and spend many days out of town. The peace of mind that they have provided to me while out of town and knowing if anything happened to our vehicles, that we had a place to go and people that we could trust. Today, my children are grown and still get their vehicles serviced by Quick Nicks’. One of our daughter’s lives out of the state and when she drives home will get her vehicles serviced by Quick Nick’s before returning home. I’m sure there are many wonderful businesses in town that pro- vide similar services and I have been to several of them but, I have never been to a place that has developed a relationship built on Trust and Honesty that has produced peace of mind with me and my family. I would highly recommend their products and services that they provide. Don Grantham